Software that includes a programming language that manages your data, procedures for data analysis and reporting, procedures for managing SAS files, a macro facility, help menus, and a windowing environment for text editing and file management.


SAS is an integrated system of software solutions that enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Data entry, retrieval, and management
  • Statistical and mathematical analysis
  • Business forecasting and decision support
  • Operations research and project management
  • Applications development

Base SAS software contains the following:

  • A data management facility
  • A programming language
  • Data analysis and reporting utilities
  • This overview of SAS focuses primarily on Base SAS, which is the core foundation for a variety of data management and analytical software components offered by SAS.


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Target Audience

Any Graduate and post Graduate is eligible to learn the course. A basic syntax based coding will be there and daily practice it will be very easy to learn those who doesn’t have the computer skills

How to know whether I have achieved the goal or not.

Base SAS provides you with essential tools for the basic data-driven tasks that you commonly perform as a programmer. so a programmer has to complete this 4 components where you want to be successful.

  • Data access
  • Management
  • Analysis
  • Presentation


 Table of Contents [TOC]

Video 1: Introduction to SAS

Video 2: Libraries

Video 3: Options

Video 4: Formats & In formats

Video 5: Understanding PDV

Video 6: Creating and subsetting by if statement

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